Comparing competitors

Unlocking Opportunities with Rex One AS.

This service compares your and competitors’ offers, as well as understanding the needs of potential customers.


Using methods such as focus group, one-on-one interviews, CATI or CAPI methods, we will interview potential customers to understand their market needs and the suitability of your product
• We will compare your offer with competitive offers
• We will make recommendations to meet the needs of your existing and new customers
• We will prepare a professional and easy-to-use information report

Market and sales potential monitoring.

We will collect the latest market information about your customers, competitors and market development trends, providing the latest information, thus allowing you to make the best strategic decisions.
• We will identify for you the current information that you need to follow on a daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis
• We will collect information from local resources about different markets
• We will collect and give you current information in a convenient and easy-to-use format

We Extend to You:

competitive analysis

Researchers can compare the products made by competitors to their own. Competitive insights can identify opportunities for enhancements to current products. It can also help the production team to make something more appropriate for the market.

a set of services provided to implement the project completely

For years, we’ve assisted clients in executing large-scale export projects across diverse sectors in Nordics.

Establishing a unique and differentiated brand identity is essential for every product in every market.
Trend Market Research

Trend forecasting gives marketers an idea of what will be sold in the next six months to a year. It gives companies a sense of the market response to their products and services.

Branding Market Research

We combine several forms of insight generation to provide clients with a clear and detailed understanding of their market. We start with the facts. Before a company can implement an effective strategy for its brand in the future, it must understand the current landscape of consumer perception.

Brands without a true “voice” that clearly conveys a product or service’s value to customers are likely to get lost amongst a sea of competitors and quickly vanish from consumer consciousness. Understanding your market is the key to developing strong brand messaging and ensuring the success and longevity of a product or service.



Connecting to Nordics

Understanding the Nordic and Baltic business landscape is critical for the successful trades