Digital Assets

Rex One ventures into high-risk investment opportunities

Our company made acquisition of the trademark and technology, Crypto 1001.

About Digital Assets.

Digital Asset section is meticulously crafted for investors with a strong risk appetite, seeking the potential for high returns. These investments also offer an excellent route to diversify your portfolio with assets that exhibit low correlation to traditional asset classes.

Benefits for Our Investors:

Our core focus revolves around investing, with an emphasis on cryptocurrency trading, employing various strategies such as day trading and scalping. We’ve engineered crypto trading and investment strategies, finely tailored for our partners, all while considering their unique risk tolerance levels.


Gain access to trade and investment reports.


All investments are orchestrated through our company.


Each individual possesses a distinctive investment portfolio and requires a customized investment plan, aligning with their specific needs and objectives.


Our valued partners entrust us with the authority to make decisions on their behalf, knowing that they lack the time to delve into the cryptocurrency arena themselves.

How to start?

For comprehensive information, registration, access to the back office, and legal terms, we cordially invite you to get in touch with us.

We’re committed to providing an array of resources to support your investment journey, which includes customer risk management analysis, market analyses, investment strategies, and legal documentation.

Discover a new horizon of possibilities with us. Invest wisely, invest confidently, and explore the future of digital assets with Rex One.



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