European funds

Unlocking Opportunities with European Funds.

Unlock EU Structural Funds for rapid growth in Latvia! Discover financing and planning opportunities to enhance your project’s competitiveness and minimize the need for extensive credit or private funds.

European funds.

Have you decided to develop a new business idea? Or are you a farmer, fisherman or a producer planning development of your company carefully and would like to invest in improvement of infrastructure or enter new markets?

If you represent a municipality and would like to invest in, for example, transport infrastructure or improvement of energy efficiency of buildings, you should note that European funds are available to make your plans come true.

European co-financing includes a wide range of areas, therefore we are open to representatives of different industries and we are ready to assess your development potential.

How Rex One can Help?

To acquire European funds you will need to prepare and submit a detailed project application that has to comply with the strict guidelines of EU funds. If your project will be qualitative, acquisition of EU funds will be more successful.

Our team includes financial and economic professionals whose daily duties include preparation of projects for the acquisition of EU funds. We have advised and assisted in preparing and implementation of several projects that have resulted in satisfied clients and successful development of a company or idea. Preparation of European projects is part our field of experience.

The long-term experience of our employees allow us to understand nuances of the European projects, therefore EU funds are acquired reasonably and competently.

We Offer To You:

support during implementation

We will assess whether acquisition of EU funds is carried out in line with the contractual provisions and how the project goals are achieved;

a set of services provided to implement the project completely

For years, we’ve assisted clients in executing large-scale investment projects across diverse sectors, leveraging European fund co-financing.

assistance in preparation of reports for submission to institutions administering funds.
the first consultation for free

During which we get to know about your investment plan and whether European co-financing is available to you, as well as we inform you about conditions and costs;

recommendations to improve your idea

After concluding a contract, acquisition of EU funds is carried out under our supervision; We will assist you during entire process of implementation of project, starting from preparation of application up to receipt of financing;

By availing our services, our clients have successfully:

  1. Secured EU funds and other financial instruments for business development activities Implemented large-scale investment projects
  2. Modernized production facilities and improved working conditions
  3. Established new companies and commenced business activities
  4. Expanded and enhanced productivity of existing businesses
  5. Improved business efficiency and optimized costs

Our expertise encompasses attracting European structural funds and other financial instruments, investment project management, production facility modernization, business efficiency improvement, and other business development activities.

Discover how to access EU funds with us! 



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