Export Strategy

Once market research is completed, the export strategy comes next

Export Strategy

After the conclusion of thorough market research, the subsequent step in our process is the development of a comprehensive export strategy. Our company specializes in crafting strategies that encompass sales, export, branding, potential partnership, pricing, and certification. This strategy serves as a tailored roadmap for companies looking to establish a successful presence in the Nordic or Baltic region, ensuring a structured and effective approach to entering these markets.


In a comprehensive market strategy, key elements include market segmentation, competitive analysis, customer persona development, a compelling value proposition, pricing strategy, distribution channel selection, promotion and marketing planning, sales and revenue forecasting, risk assessment and mitigation, and a system for ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

Crafting Success through Our Services.

B2B and B2C Market Research

Strategy Consulting

Trend Market Research 

Certification research 

Branding Research

Representation services

Competitive Intelligence

business model development and launch.

Competitor research

market research and identification of relevant target markets and market segments.



Connecting to Nordics

Understanding the Nordic and Baltic business landscape is critical for successful trades.