Need Capital

Rex One: Your Capital Partner in Navigating Financial Challenges.

Unlocking Investment Success

At Rex One, we foster collaboration with companies to secure private investments.

Our comprehensive services span the entire investment process, including crafting compelling pitches, conducting financial analysis, and facilitating communication between investment seekers and potential investors.

We specialize in connecting startups seeking seed funding or established companies in need of growth capital with the right investors, enabling them to achieve their investment objectives.

Navigating Investment Success

We understand client needs, offer strategic advice, and support in structuring investment deals. Our team actively contributes to goal setting, strategy development, and monitoring implementation.

Our ongoing advisory services, investor relations assistance, and fund optimization drive growth. We also facilitate meetings and nurture potential partnerships, ensuring smooth transitions.

For startups, we focus on seed and early-stage investments, investment attraction, and market expansion.

Crafting Success through Our Services.

raising initial capital for startups.

rapid growth support through process management.

attracting support for research and development.

attracting state support for the commercialization of innovative ideas

Boosting Company Visibility and Arranging Meetings with Potential Partners.

creating a favorable environment for investments.

developing business plans and investor attraction strategies.

business model development and launch.

launching business models and commercialization strategies.

market research and identification of relevant target markets and market segments.



Advanced investing

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