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Yours Representative In Nordics and Baltics

Thanks to our registered company in Nordic, as well as our cultural, and linguistic skills and experience, it means we have all the tools at our disposal to work with your company and provide a full-service cycle.

Solution and Benefits:

  • You will have representative who speaks both Norwegian, Swedish, Latvian, English and Russian
  • Advertising in Norway
  • A clear and transparent reporting system or CRM from our side
  • Proactive outreach to customers from our existing network of contacts
  • Active after-service activities following the progress of cooperation (meetings with potential clients, correspondence, all kinds of communication, etc.)
  • Legal and accounting support, as well as free consultations, if necessary. The same applies to technical advice if our expertise is sufficient.

Aron Hunt CFO

Every day our company delivers the very best of these standards to our clients on each project. Sustainability progress is not just about looking back at what’s achieved but also looking forward. Rex One’s strategy is continuous work with companies from Europe and customers from Scandinavia. If your company is looking for long-term export cooperation in Norway – Rex One is your partner for the coming years.

It is convenient and safe:

  • On the part of Norwegian customers, Rex One takes care of: local VAT, arrangement of import documents, resolution of warranty processes and delivery.
  • On the part of the manufacturer / service provider, Rex One takes care of: product marketing, paid advertising on the most popular Norwegian websites, correspondence, payments, local VAT, arranging import documents, ¬†and delivery.



Connecting to Nordics

Understanding the Nordic and Baltic business landscape is critical for the successful trades